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Hey y'all, Im Logan Kendall!

I moved to California from Alabama a few years ago and have become so inspired by whats around me. I took a trip to Miami a year or so ago and had a few chefs show me around their favorite Cuban spots.

Growing up eating southern soul food, i was able to relate to the comfort Cuban food possessed. It reminded me of eating my own grandmother's cooking. There wasn't anything fancy about it: simple technique, and delicious ingredients.

With this menu I just wanted to blend Cuban flavors and the comfort of soul food with my own cooking style. Taking inspiration from the movie, Chef, I wanted to play off some of the food the food truck served. Cuban at its roots, but influenced by where the truck was!

It's delicious, in your face, but isn't complicated.

Hope you enjoy these!

If need be reach out on Instagram, I'd love to talk experiences with you!


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January 28, 2021
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