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Born to Polish immigrants, Chef Victor Boroda began his culinary journey more than a decade ago after years spent working in the IT industry.

Following culinary school, Victor landed a job with Norwegian Cruise Line with the intention to break himself into the industry, literally and figurately. After finishing one contract he took a job with the American Orient Express on a private luxury train where he traveled throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico preparing world-class food in a fine dining setting.

When the recession hit and the company decided to dismantle, Victor made the choice to move to LA where he helped open the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills where he worked his way up the ladder eventually gaining the title of Executive Sous Chef at Scott Conant's flagship restaurant Scarpetta.

Directly after Montage/Scarpetta, Victor chose the path of healthy dining with an emphasis on Dr. Andrew Weil's anti-inflammatory diet as Executive Sous Chef at True Food Kitchen Santa Monica.

After opening restaurants in Dallas and Houston, TX for Fox Restaurant Concepts Victor returned to helm the Sofitel Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills as Executive Chef, gaining accolades handling hotel operations.

Now, Victor is bringing his years of knowledge and experience to the masses by recently starting his first company Taskfork Hospitality.

Why "The Hong Kong Pearl"?

The most famous of Hong Kongs nicknames is "The Pearl of the Orient" and hence the reason we chose to name our restaurant "The Hong Kong Pearl."

Our menu styling is a direct reflection of the cultural diversity found in Hong Kong and as Jackie Kennedy once said, "Pearls are always appropriate" and we love to say the same about our food.

Approach to the Food:

When we developed our menu for The Hong Kong Pearl we drew inspiration from the various cultural demographics found in the various pockets of the city and the huge Western influence.

In essence, the flavors are Chinese/Asian but the dishes are styled to appeal to a wider audience without confusing your palate with unusual ingredients.

Letter to the Customer:

Ni Hao or Hello!

Thank you for choosing The Hong Kong Pearl for your dining experience!

We hope that you find our kits to be fun and delicious to prepare, and most importantly bring a sense of cultural inspiration to your family table. If you enjoy our Pearl Meal Kits we invite you to try one of our other menu items or other chef inspired restaurant menu options!

Xie Xie and thank you again!
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