Independent restaurants

create a whole new
revenue stream selling Finish-at-home meal kits


Market opportunity - We Deliver
your Finish-at-home meal kits to anyone in USA in 1-2 days

No Upfront investment needed

We handle the following
Technology image Technology
Marketing image Marketing
Cloud Kitchens image Cloud Kitchens
Portioning staff image Portioning staff
Packing image Packing
Support image Support

We run

meal kit packing out of our dedicated
kitchen facility


market your store

How it works for restaurants

  1. Decide which 3 course Finish-at-home meal kit to offer
  2. We create your branded store on our marketplace
  3. We take photos of menu items, upload recipes and instructions
  4. You collect orders over a week
  5. We then collect all the food from you on Monday
  6. We pack food in cool boxes and ship to customers
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