ChefMealKits is a marketplace where foodies can buy and sell the world's best culinary experiences.

Our mission is to enable amazing dining moments to the entire population.

Our story

My name is Meg. I grew up in a sunny coastal town in England called Eastbourne. Yes, it does get sunny in England. Especially now with global warming.

I have my mum to thank as she was the one who sparked the idea for ChefMealKits. Here is the story...

My mum makes an amazing southern Indian dish called chakuli which I have been eating since I was a young boy. It is really amazing!!! It gives me the same "Ratatouille" moment like in the animated film. Having now lived away from her for several years I often wished she was nearby to make my favorite dish. One day when I was really hungry and getting frustrated I thought "What if my mum could send me a meal kit of my favorite dish?!". The idea for ChefMealKits was then born.

We are focused on offering restaurant meal kits for now, but this is only the beginning. Over time, we want to completely change the way we look at food. We hope you enjoy what we have created and welcome any feedback you may have. We also greatly appreciate your help spreading the word.

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